Your air conditioner is necessary for your comfort during the hot summer months here in Dallas, TX. However, if you’ve recently been hit with a huge energy bill, then you might be wondering if you should just turn off your unit altogether. Here are some of the top reasons that On Time Experts believes you keep your AC on this summer.

1. Save Money

When you turn off your air conditioner for too long, it can make your home so hot that it’s just unbearable for anyone in it to handle. It will also take your unit that much longer to cool the home down when you actually do decide to turn it back on. It will use more energy to reach the desired temperature than it would if the AC had already been on in the first place. You can save on energy costs by just leaving the unit on but setting it at a higher cooling temperature.

2. Keep Bugs and Mold at Bay

When your AC is turned off, your house will stay sweltering hot, which allows bugs to come in without any way of getting out. Mold can also grow when it is hot inside because heat dampens the air and ground. You can protect your home from unsightly mold and bothersome pests by leaving your unit on during the summer months.

3. Keep Yourself and Your Family Comfortable

During the summer, your house should be comfortably cool for the health of you and your family. When it is so hot outside, staying inside is much more comfortable than going to a park or playing outside. You want the temperature to be cool enough for the family to stay indoors and enjoy their time together. At On Time Experts, we recommend keeping your thermostat at 78 degrees or lower in the summertime to achieve maximum comfort levels.

4. Avoid High Humidity

When you turn off your air conditioner, you may be exposed to higher levels of humidity. You’ll find that a humid house will be almost unbearable for anyone to sleep in. Additionally, if the humidity in your home is higher than 50%, you can run into condensation and common humidity-related problems like mold, musty smells and odors, peeling paint, warped flooring, and damaged appliances. These issues can be very costly to fix and are just not worth the immediate energy savings.

What Can You Do Instead?

Obviously, the last thing you want to do is turn off your AC unit during the summer, but you may be worried about your utility bills. In this case, there are some other things you can do to keep your AC on and manage costs. For example, you can keep your AC at a slightly higher temperature than you would be comfortable sleeping in and then add fans to each room to move air around. This should keep your rooms a little cooler without having to turn the unit down to a costly level.

To combat costs, you can also turn the AC up when you’re gone during the day to 82-85 degrees. At this range, it doesn’t take too long to adjust down to a more reasonable temperature. However, it is usually too uncomfortable for anyone who will be in the house, so you should program the thermostat to go down to your preferred temperature by the time you will get home. This will provide you with cost savings and keep temperatures under control. If you don’t have a programmable thermostat, now is a great time to get one. The team from On Time Experts can help you explore your options.

Tips to Ensure Your AC Is Working Properly

Once you’ve decided to utilize your air conditioner, you will want to get the most use out of it as possible. Here are some steps that you can take to ensure it works at full capacity.

1. Keep the Doors and Windows Shut

Keep all the doors and windows shut if you leave home and the AC is on. Doing so will prevent the hot air outside from coming in. When you open windows, it will make it so that there isn’t enough air moving through the house, which can cause your AC to work harder than needed.

2. Change Those Filters Regularly

The filters in your air conditioner keep contaminants out of your unit, so they will become dirty over time. If they get too dirty, your AC will become less efficient as it has to work harder at its job, and it could potentially break down altogether. Most manufacturers recommend changing out filters every 30 days, especially if you have pets or live in a dusty area of Texas.

3. Keep Blinds and Drapes Closed

When you leave the blinds open during the day, did you know that it causes your AC unit to work harder? This is because the sunlight gets into your house, which heats the area, so the AC unit will have to work to cool it down. If you keep drapes closed, you can keep out the sunlight and ensure your home remains cool and comfortable.

4. Inspect ductwork and Look for leaks

To ensure that your AC is working correctly, you should have your ductwork inspected by a professional for any signs of leaks, damage, or other issues. Check your AC for any signs of damage or broken hoses and replace them before they cause a severe problem. Also, look for any water leaks that may have developed because of the water dripping inside your AC unit and get them fixed before you see a drastic increase in your water bill.

5. Get a Tune-Up

Making sure your HVAC is running at total capacity is crucial in preventing the risk of wildly high electricity bills. Making sure that you schedule regular maintenance checks with our technicians at On Time Experts will ensure that your system is running at its best possible efficiency. Our trained service professionals can help find and fix issues with the HVAC system and improve its overall function.

6. Keep the Outdoor Unit Clear

The area around the outdoor unit should be clean and clear of any debris. This debris can get inside your unit and cause a lot of damage. When you do lawn work, you should also ensure that nothing comes into contact with your system.

Call Your AC Professionals

At some point or another over the lifespan of your unit, you’ll likely need some kind of AC service. You can turn to On Time Experts for professional assistance. We serve residents of Dallas, TX, and the surrounding areas, and we remain just as committed to providing quality work and excellent customer service as we were when our company was founded in 1965. Our highly experienced technicians are able to handle your heating and cooling repair, maintenance, and installation needs as well as offer plumbing and air quality services. We are 100% committed to your total satisfaction from start to finish. Contact our friendly staff today to schedule your appointment!

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