100% Satisfaction, Whatever it Takes

We don’t make excuses. If a mistake happens, every On Time Experts employee is empowered with an unlimited budget to make it right. If you still don’t feel it’s right, call us. Whatever it takes means you satisfied, whatever… it… takes.

On Time Experts 100% Satisfaction

Same-Day or Your Service Fee Is Free

We arrive same-day you call. Period. Or your service fee is FREE. I don’t care how much it was going to cost.


In addition to the comprehensive On Time Experts Guarantees and Warranties we also offer this further Guarantee of Assurance:

After the purchase and installation of any system offered by On Time Experts Heating Air & Plumbing, the customer has 365 days from the date of installation to compare their new system with any other company. If, by the end of 365 days, the customer can locate a comparable system that meets all of the following three conditions, On Time Experts will meet the investment amount and give the customer $100.

  • Proof of a price lower than the newly installed On Time Experts Heating Air & Plumbing system.
  • Proof of third party guarantees that equal those of On Time Experts Heating Air & Plumbing.
  • Proof of factory warranty that meets or exceeds the On Time Experts Heating Air & Plumbing factory warranty.
  • A copy of the ACCA approved Manual J Load Calculations for system sizing.

Home Comfort Guarantee

We do more than just “say” you will be comfortable… We guarantee in writing that your comfort system will keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. We promise that the system(s) we have installed in your home will maintain the design tem­perature we have stated to within two (2) degrees of that setting at your electronic thermostat. If the comfort level promised is not achieved, we will modify, adjust, change or even replace the system as necessary. And there will be no cost to you as the homeowner.

No Guessing – Guaranteed Comfort In Writing!

On Time Experts Home Comfort Guarantee

“It Will Work” Guarantee

Nothing is more aggravating than being forced to sweat it out, or shiver it out, because your comfort system isn’t working. And some companies may not call you right back or immediately resolve your concerns once they already have your money. If your new comfort system breaks down and leaves you without heating or cooling at any time during the first two (2) years, we promise to restore your comfort within 24 hours of your call or we will award you a complimentary one-year service agreement at no charge.

No excuses or stories – Just service when you need it!

Total Replacement “No Lemon” Guarantee

If your furnace heat exchanger fails for any reason within the first ten (10) years after installation, we don’t just replace the defective combustion chamber, we install a brand new furnace with a new factory warranty. If your air conditioner compressor fails more than once within five years of installation, we don’t just replace the compressor; we install a brand new condensing unit with a new factory warranty.

This special guarantee is for selected systems to protect you from being “stuck” with the aggravation and hassles that can come from a lemon unit.

On Time Experts No Lemon Guarantee

“Peace of Mind” Guarantee

To ensure your safety, the quality of your installation and the insurability of your home, the equipment we install is guaranteed to comply with the applicable codes. All work is performed with the required permits. We promise that your system will be “up to code” and properly installed, according to the requirements at the time of installation, for 2 full years after the installation date, or we’ll fix it for free.

We guarantee your safety, workmanship, and quality.

Client Respect Guarantee

We promise to protect your property, belongings and home. Our highly trained installation technicians will wear protective covers on their shoes and use drop cloths to protect your floors. We will always clean the work area and leave your home as neat as we found it. We will not swear, use tobacco products or play loud music while working in your home, and we will courteously answer any of your questions or concerns.

“If we dirty it, we’ll clean It and if we damage It, we’ll fix it.”

On Time Experts Client Respect Guarantee

Our “Golden Rule” Guarantee

When a company “says” they will do a good job for you – if they really mean it – they should also offer, and be willing, to guarantee your satisfaction in writing to protect you. We promise that you will be satisfied with the new system(s) that we have installed in your home. If, for any reason, you are not satisfied with the performance of your system(s) during the first full year after installation, just let us know. We will make it right, or, cheerfully remove the system and return 100% of your money.

On Time Experts Satisfaction Guaranteed

Up-Front Pricing

We’ll tell you up-front how much your repair will cost. That makes it in our best interest to get the job done right the first time. And our trucks get fully stocked every morning with all the possible parts and tools, so our Repair Experts don’t waste your time making trips to get the parts you need. You’ll never get charged by the hour for slow, inefficient service.

Drug & Background Checked

Every one of our employees undergoes a thorough background check and drug screening. We’ll show up wearing clean uniforms and smelling great. You’ll get the respect, security and expertise you deserve in your home.

See the additional benefits we guarantee our Front of the Line Family