Better Faucets. Better Warranty.

    On Time Experts Faucet RepairsWe’re awesome at stoppin’ drips and fixin’ faucets. Lotsa times we can get it workin’ again. But, if you’re ready to put in a new faucet, here’s some things to think about:

    • Better Faucets. Ours are professional grade. You can’t get these in stores.
    • Better Warranty. When we install the good stuff, you get a longer warranty. We don’t install it if we don’t believe in it!

    Make Your Faucet Repair Appointment

    Heck, we know that puttin’ in a new faucet is somethin’ many people have tried themselves. But, they’re using common store quality stuff. Lil’ secret: Faucet manufacturers make a discount version that goes to the hardware store, and a pro version that our plumbin’ experts stock. Because we’re usin’ the good ones, you get an even longer warranty that we stand behind.