Are you thinking about a new AC installation in Garland, TX? These days, at On Time Experts our customers call for our legendary installation service even before their AC absolutely needs replacing. Older, long-lasting systems start to accumulate repair bills, and they use a lot more energy than modern AC replacement units. When you do the calculations, you often find that making the repair or replacement decision in favor of a new system may help your monthly budget for your home in Garland.

    Legendary AC Installation Service

    If your air conditioning system has been serving you for a decade or more, you’ve got a few surprises coming when you look at new units for AC installation. There are several new compressor technologies, as well as new ways to manage your HVAC system’s operation that all save on energy. In some cases, you may find that there are incentives which help you choose energy-saving models.

    Our AC team can explain the difference between traditional single-stage and dual-stage compressors. The basic difference is similar to driving around with your gas pedal floored or off, versus adjusting it so your engine only provides the power you need. We can also show you the EER values and system pricing, and see what fits your budget best now and for energy use in the future. Our satisfied customers know that our AC installation process is well-organized and professional. They also know that they got the right AC replacement for their needs, because that’s what our goal is, too.

    Some of the choices for your AC installation include:
    • Technology-enabled reliable, efficient cooling
    • Smart home integration
    • Ductless mini-split systems
    • Indoor air quality options

    Your AC Replacement Experts

    Our nearly 30,000 reviews for On Time Experts show our results with AC replacement and other services. It also shows that so many of our customers took the time to report on their 5-star experience. That’s why we call it “legendary” service. We’ve been fine-tuning it over the last 50 years! We arrive at the promised time, do the job right the first time, and if you’re not satisfied we make it right – whatever it takes. You’ll experience clear communication from our people, informed technology-savvy technicians, easy access when you have questions, and clear pricing for your installation. We’re here to make you comfortable and provide value, which makes us a top choice in DFW for HVAC equipment and services. Add our “whatever it takes” approach to taking care of you, and it’s no wonder we’re the best!

    Let’s talk about your next AC system in Garland. Contact On Time Experts for expert AC replacement today!

    The Benefits of AC Installation Include:
    • Reduced Energy Consumption. Air conditioners have come a long way in the past 10 or 20 years.
    • Lower Utility Bills. With reduced energy consumption comes lower utility bills.
    • Increased Comfort.
    • Improved Indoor Air Quality.
    • Enhanced Durability.

    It is important to know when to get a new air conditioner and calling us for an installation in your Garland, TX home. Our professional and highly trained technicians at On Time Experts can advise you on whether or not you need an air conditioning system installation. Many homeowners may wait until their air conditioner breaks down to install a new one. This is not a good idea. By updating your HVAC system near Garland, you can benefit from higher savings and better health. Older air conditioners are not as efficient as newer ones simply because technology has improved over the past few decades. Having our technicians install your air conditioner to a newer—model can improve your home’s cooling efficiency by up to 40%. Improved cooling efficiency translates directly into lower utility bills because your air conditioner converts more of its input energy into cooled air without wasting energy. Some of the greatest outcomes of purchasing a new air conditioner are the greater energy benefits and cost savings a new unit can provide. A new air conditioner has greater technology, making your energy bill go down significantly.

    If you have an air conditioner that is nearing the end of its lifespan, operates incorrectly, or is constantly in need of repairs, it’s probably time that you get a replacement. We take into consideration many factors when properly sizing an AC system. Things like the number of windows, height of ceilings, number of occupants, sun exposure, insulation level, and more are all important elements.

    The Best Reasons Why You May Need an Air Conditioner Installation

    Air conditioning systems keep you comfortable and cool you down. A huge benefit of air conditioning systems is that they will keep you cool and your home at an excellent temp. The saying “everything is bigger in Texas” applies to our summer months. It is hot and humid with a blazing sun on us. Texas summer months can be brutal and uncomfortable. With the hot sun and humid air, having an air conditioner is essential. It is a known fact that people are less productive when they are hot and uncomfortable. Having a reliable air conditioning system eliminates this problem, keeping you cool during those brutal summer months. Having an air conditioning system is also useful over the winter months. Texas can get chilly in the winter too, the multi-function systems keep you warmer during the cold months just as it keeps you cool in the summer months. Air conditioning systems are functional and create the perfect indoor temperature for your home whatever the time of year. Installing an air conditioner can also improve air quality. Harmful air particles that are damaging to air health are passed through a filter, making the air purer to breathe in. Installing an air conditioner also removes moisture from the air. Air conditioning systems are critical and valuable in damp or humid climates, like Garland. Air conditioning systems keep indoor humidity at an acceptable level. This prevents mold, dampness, and rotting homes. Air conditioning systems also reduce noise.

    SEER Ratings, What It Means For Your Air Conditioner

    SEER stands for Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio. SEER is representative of how much energy and money the unit requires to operate effectively over a single year. When you have our technicians install your new air conditioner there typically comes a choice between energy efficiency and total cost. The higher the SEER rating is, the more money you will save on energy costs to cool your home. A higher SEER rating translates to the system costing more money than the same-size air conditioner with a lower SEER. For this reason, most people find it important to know how much they will save in energy for a higher SEER unit compared to how much more it costs to buy. Air conditioning units built 10 to 15 years ago typically have a SEER rating between eight and 10. The SEER rating of your current unit can typically be found in one of the following ways. Locate the model and the serial number of the unit and contact the manufacturer to get the SEER rating. Or A piece of paper attached to the air handler, or indoor unit, of your HVAC system with read the SEER rating. It is important to remember that the higher the SEER rating, the more energy efficient the system is. This means you will say money on your energy bill.

    A good technician that installs your system will check the thermostat operation, system sequence of operation, and multiple other areas.

    While the system is operating, the following information is important to collect to ensure proper operation within manufacturers’ specifications:

    • High voltage current reading
    • Suction and liquid line pressure
    • Return air temperature
    • Supply air temperature
    • Suction and liquid line temperature
    • Superheat
    • Temperature dr op calculated
    • Subcooling
    • Static pressure from return side, supply-side, and total static readings
    • Amperage on the blower motor, outdoor fan motor, and compressor
    • Low voltage current reading
    • Line set length
    • Outdoor ambient dry bulb temperature
    • Indoor ambient dry bulb temperature
    • Amount of refrigerant, if any, added to the system
    • Indoor wet bulb temperature

    This is a basic checklist of what should be looked for and recorded at installation. This also gives the installing team confidence that before they leave, your system is in perfect operation. It is very common for systems to be installed and started up without much consideration for proper commissioning. Be proactive if you suspect you have an air conditioner issue. Do not wait until your air conditioner system completely breaks down or shuts down to give us a call. Give us a call and we would be happy to assist you with any of your air conditioning needs. We will get all of your installations questions and concerns answered and taken care of right away.

    Saving You Up Yo $600/yr Right Out Of The Chute

    We’re Experts At Makin’ Air Conditioning Installation Crazy Easy:

    On Time Experts AC Installation

    • Call Us!
    • A Comfort Expert arrives at your home, on time.
    • We measure your home and calculate the perfect-sized system.
    • You receive a no obligation estimate for options that fit your house.
    • An Air Conditioning Installation Expert puts it together and spends an extra 1-2 hours tuning to peak efficiency. Whatever It Takes to do it right.
    • Soak up all that bill-saving, comfy comfort.

    (If you’re a details kinda homeowner, keep scrollin’)

    Schedule Your No Obligation Estimate

    On Time Experts AC Installation

    • A new system that fits your home is gonna save you $500-$600 each year in utility bills!
      A Comfort Expert will spend 60-90 minutes measuring your home. Vents, ducts, and windows. Rooms you use a bunch, and the ones that sit empty. This is called a Load Calculation and it’s the only way to tell you what’s best for your home.
    • We always give you options and clearly explain the benefits. No pressure. It’s your home and your choice.
    • Our air conditioning installation and replacement estimates are bullseye accurate. You’ll see the whole price. Nothing hidden. The price we show you will be the exact same price you pay.
    • Our Install Experts are guaranteed On Time. We show up when we say we’ll show up.
    • Every screw will be tightened, every duct will be sealed, every wire will be in its place, and we don’t leave until all your questions are answered.
    • Our Mothers taught us to clean up after ourselves and leave the place cleaner than we found it.

    The RIGHT Brand For You

    Ever notice other places are always talkin’ about ONE brand? Ever notice we don’t? There are lots of good ones out there. But only gonna talk about the RIGHT brand for your home. We don’t play favorites with manufacturers. We DO play favorites with you.

    Some of the brands we might recommend include:

    • Carrier
    • Lennox
    • Daikin
    • Bryant

    Air Conditioning Installation and Replacement starts with a simple phone call to 469-336-3435 or fill out this form.

    We also offer AC replacement in:

    Also, call today for any repair or maintenance solutions. We can even help with a new heating system!

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