Flush Your Water Heater or Flush Away Money. Your Choice.

    On Time Experts Water Heater Flush

    • Flush Once a Year. If you don’t, you’re lookin’ at getting a whole new water heater.
    • Improve Efficiency. Doin’ a water heater flush once a year means more hot water, and lower energy bills and more than double the lifespan.
    • It’s Super Simple. We do this kinda thing all the time. A little maintenance now saves you trouble in the future.

    It’s not just good for your water heater. It’s for your safety.

    No joke. The hard water here in North Texas builds up sediment that eats away the inside of tank-style water heaters. Those suckers really do explode when not maintained. We’ve seen it and we don’t want it to happen to you.

    “What’s so bad about not flushin’ my water heater?”
    • Slow heat transfer. Your water heater will over heat and the tank starts to weaken.
    • Lower energy efficiency. You’re paying more on your energy bill each month.
    • Annoying noises. Water heaters should be quiet. The ones with sediment make a pesky crackling noise.
    • Dangerous bacteria forms. Your tank isn’t heating right, and that lets bacteria grow. Legionnaires disease will actually grow in your tank. Gross.
    • Less Hot Water. As sediment builds up, your 40 gallon tank won’t have 40 gallons of water in it.
    • Ba-Boom! Yep. They really do blow up. That’s not safe.

    What We Do

    We’ll make sure your current water heater is safe. Get out all the sediment and gunk for $189. Call 469-336-3435 or fill out the contact form below to schedule your water heater flush.