Hungry Disposals With A Long Warranty

    Garbage Disposal InstallationDrain monster not workin’? We know just what to do to get it gobblin’ up food again.

    Thinkin’ about a new one? Think about this:

    • Better Garbage Disposal. Ours are professional grade. You can’t get these in stores.
    • Better Warranty. When we install the good stuff, you get a longer Warranty. We don’t install it if we don’t believe in it!

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    We don’t recommend those hardware store garbage disposals. They’ll get the job done, but just don’t last as long. See, the manufacturers make the discount stuff that you see in the stores. Our babies are professional grade. They will serve you better, and you’re getting’ an even longer Warranty from the manufacturer and the On Time Experts. I’d use the pro one, if I were you.

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