Sewer Pipe Repair & Replacement in Garland, TX If you need sewer pipe repair in Garland, TX, you can count on the team at On Time Experts for help. We’re a full-service plumbing contractor specializing in all types of sewer line services. If you suspect your home is having sewer issues, we can inspect your system to determine what’s wrong and how to overcome it. If the inspection determines that the damage is beyond repair, we can also handle your sewer pipe replacement.

    Certified Sewer Pipe Repair and Replacement in Garland

    Dealing with a damaged or clogged sewer pipe can be a nightmare, so it’s essential that you hire a reputable, experienced contractor for any sewer services. A damaged sewer pipe can quickly cause your yard to become flooded with raw sewage. If you have a clogged sewer pipe, you may also have to deal with sewage backing up in your house and flooding out of your drains.

    If your sewer line is severely damaged, all the water leaking out could also seriously damage your home’s foundation or cause it to start to settle. These potential issues are why it’s so important that you pay attention and always monitor your sewer system for any signs of an issue.

    If you notice any of these issues, it’s a good indicator that you have sewer issues and need to have your pipes inspected
    • Noticeable sewage odors coming from yard
    • Standing water near where sewer pipe runs
    • Patches of grass that are greener and grow more quickly than others
    • Slow-draining pipes
    • Cracks in foundation walls or basement floor

    If you do ever notice any of these issues or suspect you have sewer problems, the first step is to have it inspected by a licensed plumber. Inspecting a sewer line involves running a camera down the entire length of the pipe from inside the house out to where it meets the municipal sewer system. If the plumber finds a clog in the pipe, they can then use either a rooting machine or hydro jetting to clear out the clog so that waste flows normally again. For clogs caused by tree roots, hydro jetting is the best option since it will slice through the roots and blast them out of the end of the pipe.

    If the inspection determines the pipe is leaking or otherwise damaged, you may have a few different options depending on the extent of the damage. If the pipe has minor damage and is otherwise in good condition, pipe lining is usually the best option. This involves inflating an epoxy-coated tube through the length of the pipe. Once inflated, the tube remains in place, and the epoxy then hardens to fill any cracks and repair any damage in the pipe so that it no longer leaks.

    If your sewer line is completely broken or too old to fully repair, then your only real option is to have the pipe replaced. In some cases, this means that the plumbers will need to dig up your yard to remove the old pipe and lay the new one in its place. Luckily, this is no longer always necessary in every case, as trenchless sewer replacement can allow a plumber to replace the entire length of pipe without any major excavation.

    Garland’s Sewer Pipe Replacement Experts

    When you choose On Time Experts, you can rest assured that you’ll receive the highest quality work and outstanding customer service. You’re also guaranteed that we’ll show up on time and perform your repairs free of charge if we don’t for any reason. If anything goes wrong, we also guarantee that we’ll do whatever it takes to fix it then and there at no additional cost. Our company offers honest, upfront pricing on all repairs, and the price we quote is always the total price you’ll pay.

    Give On Time Experts a call today for more information on our sewer pipe repair services or if you need to schedule a sewer inspection in the Garland area.

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