Furnace Repair in Garland, TXFurnace repair is essential to keeping the heating system in your Garland, TX home operating at its most efficient. Winters in the area can get incredibly cold, so you’ll want to ensure your furnace is in the best possible shape. With proper care, you can typically expect a furnace to last for 15 to 20 years, and regular maintenance can help to extend that life span as long as possible. Let’s take a closer look at how On Time Experts can help with repairing furnaces.

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    Heating Repair in Garland You Can Count On

    When your heating system is running smoothly, you likely don’t give it much though. However, when something goes wrong, you’ll want to address the problem as quickly as possible. Minor issues can quickly become major ones if left unchecked, so don’t delay in calling for furnace repair.

    When you get in touch with us, we’ll start by sending a technician out to your Garland home to identify the source of the issue. When it comes to repairing furnaces, time is often of the essence, so we’ll give you a price quote for the repairs right away for your approval. We’ll then be ready to get to work.

    In some cases, home heating repair might not be possible or wouldn’t make financial sense. If this is the situation for you, we may recommend replacing your system. We can help you choose a suitable new furnace and install it for you as well.

    Upgrading to a newer furnace can come with many benefits, including:
    • More efficient operation
    • Lower energy costs for heating
    • Reduced ongoing furnace repair costs
    • Possible access to smart home capabilities

    Our team will be happy to discuss your options with you to help you determine whether furnace repair or replacement is a better option for your needs. We’ll always take the time to answer any questions you may have about repairing furnaces so that you can make an informed decision.

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    Garland’s Top Choice for Furnace Repair

    Countless homeowners in the area have chosen On Time Experts for their home heating repair needs, and we hope you will as well. Our business is committed to providing complete satisfaction on every job we complete, whether repairing furnaces or performing any of our other HVAC services. We truly care about our customers and treat everyone like members of our own families, so you can always count on us for friendly customer service with a smile.

    Get in touch with our team at any time to learn more about our furnace repair in Garland. Call On Time Experts today to get started!

    Even After Hours

    We don’t like those voice-mail machines anymore than you do. So no matter what time of day, or what day of the year (ho-ho-ho), we answer the phone and have a Repair Expert ready to help.

    Up Front Pricing

    Before anything is done, you’ll know what it’s gonna cost. If we’re wrong (which also almost never happens), you’re not paying one penny more than the quote.

    What It Costs

    $95 is what you pay for us to examine your entire system, diagnose your problem and let you know upfront what it costs to fix it (unless you’re a Front of the Line Family member or a First Responder, and then it’s FREE). When we’ve finished you pay the price you were quoted, even if we’ve made a mistake.

    Heating Repair in Garland, TX

    100% Satisfaction

    We will get this right. Whatever it takes. No excuses. No exceptions. If you’re not happy with your furnace repair, we will make it right. Whatever… it… takes.

    BUT WAIT! Before ya call, check out some of these simple things that might be stoppin’ your furnace from workin’:

    Check The Thermostat

    Sometimes people just forget to flip it to “HEAT.” Make sure you have the temperature set about 5 degrees above the room temp. And if it has batteries, you might want to try some fresh ones.

    Check The Breakers And Switches

    Thermostat Check in Garland

    Look for a standard wall switch on or near your furnace. You might need to flip it on. And sometimes when furnaces pop on…your breaker pops off. Take a look.

    The Filter

    Clogged and dirty furnace filters can block flow and even cause it to shut down prematurely. But if you’d rather not mess with it, our Repair Experts will get to you same day.

    Furnace Filters in Garland, TX

    People are talking in front of our backs!

    Good gossip or not-so-good gossip. We show you our unfiltered reviews from real people.

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    Your Comfort Comes First (and Second, Third, etc)

    Not talkin’ furnace comfort. We want you comfortable with us. Our Repair Experts train like-the-dickens to make sure it’s done right. Plus, our intense background checks are rigid enough to make a Secret Service agent blush. We’re serious about comfort. And safety.

    We Believe In Prevention

    Furnace Repair Preventive MaintenanceThe fact is, most of the repairs we do could have been prevented. Regular Revitalizations for your furnace GUARANTEES no breakdowns all winter! (Ya get a longer lastin’ furnace, too!)

    Ready to save some big money? Check out our Front of the Line Family
    • 15% Discount on Repairs. As long as you’re a member, you’re savin’ money.
    • 2 System Revitalizations Each Year. We bring your A/C and Heating back to factory new twice a year. That makes it last longer with fewer repairs.
    • Forever Fixed Guarantee. When you’re family, once it’s fixed… it’s guaranteed forever.
    • Plus gobs of other great benefits.
    • The friendly faces that visit

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    But Can You Fix MY Furnace?

    The Good Lord didn’t make a furnace we can’t fix. Remember all that talk about our top-notch trainin’? Yep. No matter the brand, we can get that beauty runnin’ once again.

    Our Experts can also help with new heating systems, repairs for your AC system, and more! Call us today!
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