We respect you and your home. At the On Time Experts, we believe in shoe covers and drop cloths, and leaving your home cleaner than we found it.

You are allowing us in your home to perform a service that you probably don’t want to happen. You don’t want issues with your AC or plumbing. We are going to do everything in our power to make sure it’s a good experience for you.

We put covers on our shoes to make sure we’re not dragging anything from the outside into your home. Wherever we’re working, we’re going to put drop cloths down. Afterward, we pick up those drop cloths, vacuum up any mess, and make a walkthrough of the whole house.

We will do whatever it takes to make you happy. If you want us to take the trash out, we’ll take the trash out. If you wish your house was cleaner at the time, and you think we made a mess, we’ll clean whatever we need to clean to make you happy.

You can trust that when you work with the On Time Experts, we’ll treat your home with respect. Give us a call at 469-336-3435.

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