Is your HVAC not heating or cooling properly? Head to our website and utilize our online troubleshooter for quick answers.

All you have to do is search under Air Conditioning or Heating and click the Troubleshooter. You’ll answer a few simple questions. Do you hear a noise? Are you having airflow problems? Whatever the situation may be, we’ll walk you through it, step by step, to find out what’s going on.

It might end up being something really simple that you can fix yourself. Maybe it’s as easy as tightening a screw. If your drain line is clogged up and you feel comfortable doing that type of thing, you can 100% take care of it yourself.

If we can’t help you fix it online, give us a call at 469-336-3435. We’ll send a technician out to get you taken care of.

The next time you’re having HVAC issues, use the On Time Experts online Troubleshooter for some quick peace of mind.

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