When you get a furnace rejuvenation from the On Time Experts, we don’t vacuum around the system, check your thermostat and leave. We’re going to do everything we can to get your furnace back to factory-fresh conditions.

We’re going to clean your system by vacuuming out any dust and debris, and we’ll actually wax it so that it looks pretty much brand new. We’ll check your limit switches so that if your blower goes out, the flames don’t continue to run. That’s a safety concern.

During a rejuvenation, your combustion air will also be checked. That’s to make sure you have the proper amount of fresh air in a closet so that the furnace burns properly.

We’re going to make sure your flue pipe is venting and taking all the combustion products outside. Beyond that, we’ll test your gas shut-offs and do a carbon monoxide check to make sure poisonous gases aren’t leaking into your home.

A lot of times your circuit boards will have burn marks on the back, which is a sign that it eventually may fail. So we check for those. Newer furnaces have electronic ignition, so we have to make sure it’s working properly.

We do all the little things like checking your thermostat operation and filters. But it’s not a quick, 10-minute tune-up. The entire process is going to take an hour or an hour and a half.

On average, systems that we install and maintain last around the 15-year range. We’ve seen some last 30 years. We’ve also seen systems that were installed and maintained improperly that only lasted 4 years. So it’s really important to get that system rejuvenation every year.

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