We believe in showing up on time. We know your time is valuable, so if we miss the mark by even a minute, your service fee is 100% free.

Nobody wants to be waiting around for a technician to show up. With most companies, you might get an, “Oh, sorry.” And that’s about it. Not with us.

Here’s what we do. We tell you to go about your day as normal. We’ll send you an email about 30-45 minutes before we arrive telling you when we are going to get to your home. If we don’t show up in that time frame, the service fee is free. I don’t care how much it was going to cost.

It doesn’t matter if there’s a traffic jam, or a cement truck turns over on the highway – if we’re late, you don’t pay a dime. Our technician will apologize right away and tell you the service is on us.

If you ever need a service, or you need a system rejuvenation, give us a call at any area code, 469-336-3435, or go to our website at theontimeexperts.com. We’ll have one of our care experts reach out to you.

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