Your service provider doesn’t have any openings, so you’re forced to schedule your appointment next month. The technician who arrives at that appointment is unprofessional, unpleasant and inexperienced. On his way out, your cranky technician trips over a floor-loitering Barbie doll, falling into your angry guard dog, who proceeds to jump on the fallen technician.

You hate when service appointments turn messy – you try and present your home in the best light possible, and a sloppy, stressful HVAC service makes you second-guess your housekeeping skills.
Well, that’s the last thing we want. Here are some tips to ensure that your next HVAC service appointment runs as smoothly as possible.

Become A Member of a Service Club

You have a busy life. When you encounter HVAC problems, you often look as far as two weeks in advance, because that’s probably the next time any opening in your schedule coincides with regular business hours.

When you are part of a loyal company service club, there is no such thing as regular business hours. Your service club membership status guarantees “anytime service”– weekends or weeknights. You’re also sent the occasional email reminder if your HVAC is due for service.

Schedule Maintenance Before Seasons Set In

Once temperatures drop, or the heat starts rising, the season has settled in and your HVAC unit needs to be prepared for it.

Icy winter winds make for pipe-freezing conditions, and hot summer days tend to wear out air conditioners everywhere – if you need service in the midst of the season, you are part of the majority. What you want to do is schedule your HVAC tune-up before the season kicks in and HVAC failure becomes a town-wide epidemic. When you ensure your system is running efficiently, and ready to face the seasons when they strike in full swing, you guarantee 100% home comfort all year long.

Have A Professional Maintain Your System

If your HVAC maintenance service is going to be at all useful, your service technician should:/span>

  • Answer all your questions
  • Know the answer to all your questions
  • Thoroughly answer all your questions
  • Explain the maintenance procedure before he begins, and
  • Perform in a professional manner

When your technician takes frequent smoke breaks, can’t give you any valuable advice, and hands you a steep invoice or quote – do you consider the appointment a failure with stress wrapped around the poor service?

To avoid panicking over an expensive, unprofessional HVAC service, always perform steep background checks on companies and their technicians. You only want to do business with knowledgeable, helpful, experienced, and trustworthy technicians.

Keep Dogs Far, Far Away

Your dog is probably the cutest pup in the world, but even the cutest canines interfere with professional maintenance service. Whether they tangle themselves in a dangerous mess of equipment, or they attack the innocent legs of your technician, dogs tend to make maintenance service more stressful than it should be.

Keep Furnace Area Clear

Prior to a service call, it is important to make sure that the area around the HVAC system is accessible and clear to avoid possible accidents. Keeping the area clear also ensures that the technician can work efficiently and quickly, making it possible to finish the job within the timeframe given so that you can get on with your daily activities. Also to prevent fires from happening, please be sure to keep the area clear of boxes or any other flammable material.

After finally making the time to receive adequate HVAC service in the Fort Worth, Texas area, all you want (and deserve) is adequate, hassle-free, HVAC service. Ensure smooth HVAC service visits (that don’t involve any lawsuits) by following these 5 appointment prep steps.

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