When you hire a professional team of HVAC technicians, you secure a seamless service experience and thorough, successful system installation. When you don’t hire a professional air conditioning service, you run the risk of paying for recurring future repairs, worthless warranties and even city code violations.

When the heat of summer hits, you don’t want to have to worry about your air conditioning installation, right? You want your unit to be installed quickly, correctly, and adhere to professional standards, don’t you? Then keep in mind these 5 service tips next time you’re looking for adequate AC installation.

Installation Day

This is perhaps the most important day of your new air conditioner’s life. The AC installation process essentially lays the foundation for all future use. If that process is compromised in any way, (e.g. your duct system is sealed incorrectly) then your air conditioner is literally being set up for future failure.

You want to make sure you hire a trustworthy, credible HVAC team to install your air conditioner, so there are no difficulties down the road, and your air conditioner lives a long and healthy life.

Licensed/Insured Contractor

Without a licensed contractor, you risk putting your air conditioning installation in the hands of less-than-professional service. Once you’ve ensured proper licensing, ask your contractor for insurance – more specifically, liability insurance. If a technician damages your property or completes insufficient work, homeowners have every right to sue.

Permit Pulling

When you have extensive work completed on your HVAC unit, your contractor is required to obtain a city permit, which notifies the city and alerts local residents that your property is undergoing potentially dangerous service. The permit rule goes un-followed by many contractors, but, depending on state laws, this could lead to expensive legal implications. You want to make sure your contractor plays it safe and professional – they should insist on using permits for the duration of your service.

Warranties That Protect

Warranties act as protection for both the homeowner and the contractor, but not all of them offer comprehensive homeowner coverage. Most HVAC warranties have a way of slipping through the cracks of the seasons, designed in such a way that they reach expiration long before you even begin using your system. If you’d like your warranty to provide an effective safety net for your air conditioner, your warranty should cover a minimum of one year.

No Subcontractors

You want to work with a company who uses their own employees. Using a subcontractor doesn’t necessarily translate to second-rate service, but using a direct contractor usually guarantees first-rate service. A contractor is going to have his or her own team of dedicated, experienced professionals, who are drug and background tested before they’re allowed to step foot in a customer’s home.

If you’re like most people, you want your air conditioning installation to be a seamless process. That’s why you need a trustworthy, experienced HVAC technician team with a professional work ethic, who correctly install your air conditioning unit the first time around. As long as you remember these 5 tips for AC service, you should be able to guarantee a smooth service experience and an expert installation process from start to finish.

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