Do you think your pipes need to be replaced? Here are a 3 signs that it may be time to call a pro.

  1. Water Color

    What color is the water coming out of your faucet? If it’s murky or rusty, you may need to call a professional plumber. Your pipes could be old, or they might be filled with corrosion.

  2. Hard Water

    When you get a lot of calcium build-up in your pipes, you could experience low water pressure. That’s another reason to call the On Time Experts to have us check it out.

  3. Cracked Pipe

    Sometimes you’ll see a crack in a pipe or you’ll have water coming up through the ground in your yard. It may be water supply from the street, but, again, that’s what a pro is for.

If you see any of those three signs, call us at 469-336-3435. We can snake your pipes and clear them, then we’ll run a camera down to really see what’s going on.

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Randy Kelley


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