Homeowners in Garland, TX are bound to be aware of the advantages a healthy air conditioning system brings. Texas is a state with more than its share of unpredictable weather. A cool, cloudy day can quickly give way to a sweltering scorcher. For this reason, it is best to make sure that your AC unit stays in the best possible shape.

Many issues can plague your AC unit. This is particularly true if you are still using an older model. For example, you may have lived in your home for nearly a decade. The AC unit in your house may be the one that was there when you moved in. If this is the case, it may be showing signs of wear and tear due to old age. The following are the top five common issues plaguing air conditioning systems.

1. Your Condensate Drain Is Clogging Up

Not every problem that you have with your AC unit is bound to be an immediate emergency. Some issues take their time to develop. However, the problems will eventually begin to become more pronounced. This is particularly the case when you begin to have issues with your condensate drain.

Clogging in your condensate drain is one of the most common and easily fixable issues you can have with your air conditioner. One of the first things you may notice is that your unit is “breathing hard” or making a lot of extra noise. It may also be running slower or taking longer than normal to cool down your home to a comfortable temperature.

If you have suspicions that a clog is causing problems, you can call on the services of a professional AC company. They may fix the issue by using a wet-dry vacuum to locate and remove any obstructions that are causing a clog. They can also use this special device to give the inside of your system a much-needed airing out.

This simple fix is usually sufficient to eliminate any further problems. However, if a wet-dry vacuum does not do the trick, there are other methods available. For example, technicians can make use of a specially designed HVAC snake. This is a tool that they can employ in order to break up obstructions and remove them from the inside of your AC unit.

2. Your Air Filter Is Getting Dirty

Another common AC issue is the presence of too much dirt and debris in your air filter. If this is the case, it will cause your AC unit to work harder than usual. This can lead to severe issues such as overheating, inefficiency, and poor air quality. You may also notice a corresponding increase in your monthly utility bill.

If you don’t clean your air filter frequently, it can cause your air conditioner to break down. To avoid this, you can schedule a regular maintenance visit from a local AC service. The filter should be replaced every one to three months. It should also be checked every month for any evidence of excess dirt and dust buildup.

Once the inspection is finished, service technicians can conclude their visit by offering you a few handy pointers. They will likely advise you to continue to schedule regular inspections for your AC unit. This will help you to avoid having to incur the cost of a full repair should the problem repeat itself or grow worse over time.

3. Refrigerant Levels Are Too Low

Refrigerant is the liquid that keeps your AC unit running at a high level of efficiency. If the level of coolant gets too low, your system will not be able to do its job. Should this occur, you will notice the unit running hotter and making more noise than usual. You may also notice that the evaporator coil is beginning to freeze up.

This is not the kind of repair that homeowners should try to handle on their own. If a quick check reveals that your refrigerant is too low, you should schedule a visit from a service technician right away. This will be the best way to solve a problem that, if left for too long, could lead to the total shutdown of your AC unit at a very bad time.

4. Your Outdoor Unit May Be Malfunctioning

You may also be experiencing issues with your outdoor unit. This type of issue is normally caused by debris, such as leaves and branches, that get caught up in your system. Since the unit is outdoors, it may also be prone to collect bits of trash. Once your unit starts to get clogged up, it will begin to run hot or slow down.

Common problems with your outdoor unit can also include issues with your wiring, motors, or capacitors. If this occurs, you will notice the unit behaving in odd ways. For example, it may suddenly freeze up, make grinding noises, or stop working altogether. If this happens, you will need to call a service tech to fix the issue.

5. Your Vents or Registers May Be Blocked

The air conditioning unit in your home may be getting close to a decade in service. As a result, it may be beginning to show signs of advanced age. Chances are good that you will encounter issues with a blocked vent or register. If this happens, the air in your unit will not be able to circulate efficiently, instead being trapped inside of it.

This type of blockage may be caused by debris that gets trapped in the vents. This can come from nearby rugs, curtains, or bits of cloth from your drapes. To avoid such an issue, you will need to keep a regular eye on these vents. A local AC repair service can help you perform monthly checks of your system in order to prevent blockages.

Why Do You Need an Experienced AC Technician?

Repairing or replacing an AC unit is not a job for someone who does not have the needed skills and qualifications. This is the kind of task that can result in messy leaks or injuries due to the equipment’s heavy weight. If you have never attempted to fix an AC unit, your best bet is to leave this task to an expert. Doing so will save you time and money.

There are many intricate parts to consider when opening up your cooling system. You do not want to make the problem worse than it already is. It may also be that you simply do not have the time to devote to a task of this magnitude. Rather than risk your own health and safety, call on a local service that you can trust to fix the issue.

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