Installing an air balancing HVAC system in your home is one of the most significant things you can do to improve your home’s energy efficiency. Homes with air balancing HVAC systems have rooms that are more comfortable throughout the day, and they use less energy when heating and cooling different areas of the home throughout the year. Here is a brief guide of everything you need to know about an air balancing HVAC system.

How Does an Air Balancing HVAC System Work?

With an air balancing HVAC system, you avoid having random hot spots and cold spots throughout your home. These types of HVAC systems deliver the right amount of hot or cool air to each area of the home automatically using thermometer sensors. Rooms that are along the outside of the home that need more warm or cool air than the interior rooms of the home will receive an increased airflow, keeping all of the rooms at roughly the same temperature at the same time.

For residential buildings, an air balancing HVAC system should be balanced when it is initially installed. However, over time things can change, and tweaks to the system may be needed. A trained professional HVAC technician like the pros at On Time Experts can make the necessary adjustments to ensure that each area of your home is as comfortable as possible.

To make sure that the air is properly balanced in your home, the technician will need to test the performance of your HVAC system. This typically involves using instruments to search for areas of uneven airflow or negative air pressure. After testing each area of the home, the technician will make the necessary adjustments to the HVAC system to get the best results for each room.

Testing the airflow balance in the home can involve a number of professional tools. The technician may use a manometer to take static pressure readings or use a hygrometer to check humidity and temperature changes. They may also use a flow hood to determine the output of air from floor vents and wall registers. There are also several estimating techniques that can be used to determine the required system airflow for each room.

Depending on the exact placement of the room in the home, additional adjustments to the HVAC system, floor vents, or wall registers may be needed. Upstairs rooms will have different requirements than downstairs or basement rooms. The technician will make a determination for each room and adjust the system accordingly.

In order to operate properly, the size of the air balancing HVAC system has to correlate with the size of your home. A system that is too small will struggle to get enough air through the system at the proper rate to ensure comfort in every room. On the other hand, a system that is too large will over-condition the home and waste energy doing it. The pros at On Time Experts are qualified HVAC contractors and can help you determine the optimal size of HVAC system for your home.

Benefits of Using an Air Balancing HVAC System

There are many benefits to using an air balancing HVAC system. One of the biggest benefits is they improve the air circulation in the home, which in turn improves the overall air quality in the home. Air circulating through the HVAC system is pushed through filters that remove fine particles from the air, like dust, pet dander, pollen, and chemical contaminants. More air moving through the HVAC system at the proper rate means more indoor pollutants removed from the interior air.

Another benefit of using an air balancing HVAC system is that it creates a healthier environment in the home by managing the home’s humidity. Everyday activities such as cooking, bathing, and washing your hands puts moisture into the air of your home, increasing its humidity. Humid conditions in the home can lead to mold and mildew growth, both of which can be hazardous to the health of the people in the home. Using an air balancing HVAC system to manage the humidity in the home is one of the simplest ways to prevent mold and mildew growth.

A third major benefit of using an air balancing HVAC system is that these systems tend to have a long life span. Because they operate so efficiently, there is not a lot of stress on the system at any given time, leading to less wear and tear over the life of the system. The increased air circulation promoted by these types of systems also reduce dust and debris buildup in the ducts and vents attached to the system.

Ways to Help Your Air Balancing HVAC System Operate Optimally

In order to get the best results from your air balancing HVAC system, the system should be balanced by a professional. They will perform all of the necessary tests, inspect the entire system, and determine what needs to be done regarding adjustments and repairs. If major work is needed, like replacing supply lines or installing new dampers, they will identify the issues and provide you with options to fix the situation.

Another way to help your air balancing HVAC system operate optimally is to avoid putting furniture or other items where it can impede the airflow of the HVAC system. This means ensuring items are at least 18 inches away from wall registers and floor vents so that air can enter and exit without restrictions.

Another way to ensure that your HVAC system operates efficiently is to avoid placing electronic equipment near the thermostats in the home. Electronic equipment emits heat, especially larger electronics like televisions and computer monitors. This additional heat can trigger a false reading on the thermostat and cause it to turn on or off when it shouldn’t.

Proper maintenance is also very important for keeping an air balancing HVAC system operating efficiently. For these types of systems to work properly, all of their components must work harmoniously. The pros at On Time Experts can assist you in developing a maintenance schedule that will keep your HVAC system at peak performance.

Having a maintenance schedule for your HVAC system will also ensure that the system’s air filters get changed on a regular basis. Dirty and clogged air filters restrict airflow and reduce the amount of dust, pollen, and other particles that can be removed by the HVAC system.

Having the ducts inspected for damage or leaks is another important part of ensuring your air balancing HVAC system operates properly. Problems occurring within the duct work can result in the uneven distribution of warm or cool air throughout the home. The team at On Time Experts can make inspecting the ducts in your home a part of your routine HVAC maintenance package to ensure that anything concerning is caught quickly and repaired properly.

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