Are you thinking about investing in mini-splits in Irving, TX? At On Time Experts, we’re here to give you advice on choosing ductless air conditioners and arranging installation to the highest possible standard. These systems are highly efficient and could help you to make some big savings on your energy costs. Many homeowners choose mini-splits because they also offer zoned air conditioning throughout the home. What does this mean for you? Well, instead of cool air coming from your vents set at one temperature, you will have separate units delivering cool air in different areas of your home. Each unit has its own thermostat controls which allow you to set individual temperatures in different areas. For example, you might want it cooler in your bedroom than in the rest of the house or vice versa. You can also turn off cooling in the areas you’re not currently using and save energy. You can’t do that with a traditional AC system. Ductless air conditioners are also great for areas that can’t have ductwork.

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