For homeowners looking for toilet installation in Irving, TX, the team at On Time Experts offers outstanding service and some of the most efficient toilet models available today. Whether your toilet has stopped working altogether and is beyond repair, or you’re looking to update your style, we can help.

In Irving, where water is a commodity that we need to use carefully, upgrading to an efficient toilet will save money on your utility bills and protect our reserves. Let us help you to find the perfect new toilet and arrange installation to the highest standard. Or perhaps you need toilet repair.

Blocked toilet? Toilet constantly running? We can fix all of these problems and many more, leaving your toilet working perfectly. Our team will arrive at the agreed time and then get to work on your toilet fault.

We waste no time when diagnosing and resolving faults. We know you’re busy and we’ll have you back to your normal routine before you know it. Call our team today and discover why we’re number one for plumbing.

How to Fix a Toilet that Won’t Refill