Mini-splits continue to be among the top HVAC options for Henderson, KY homes. They’re versatile, energy-efficient, and affordable both in the short and long term. Let’s explore what you should know about choosing the perfect mini-split for your home.

Heat Pump vs. Air Conditioner

Some mini-splits are air conditioners that provide cooling only. Others are heat pumps with a reversing valve that lets them provide heating and cooling. The heat pump will cost more up front but is superior for consumers choosing a mini-split as a standalone HVAC solution.

Auxiliary Heating

Air-source heat pumps become less efficient as the temperature drops below 35 degrees Fahrenheit. Some mini-split heat pumps include an electric radiant heating strip. It activates to help heat the zone when the outside temperature is below freezing. If you have ducts or are having them installed, another option is to pair a mini-split with a furnace for auxiliary heating.

Ductless vs. Ducted

Both ducted and ductless configurations are available for mini-splits. Ductless mini-splits have few installation requirements and are suitable for practically any home. Choosing a ducted system increases the requirements and costs but may be preferable in certain scenarios. These include larger residences and homes that already have ducts in place.


The seasonal energy efficiency ratio (SEER) indicates the efficiency of a cooling system over an entire season. The higher the SEER value, the cheaper the system costs to run. SEER2 is a new version of this metric with updates to account for ducts. If you choose a ducted system, it’s a better indication of performance.


HSPF and HSPF2 are similar in concept but also their measure of efficiency among heating systems that transfer heat energy. You’ll only find these ratings on heat pumps and not cooling-only mini-splits.


The industry measures mini-splits using British thermal units (BTUs). In sizing a mini-split, you must not only select the overall BTUs needed but also the BTUs for each individual zone. This can be complex and goes beyond using a chart to select BTUs based on basic square footage. Experts recommend hiring a professional to size your system by performing a manual J load calculation.

Single-Zone vs. Multi-Zone

A single-zone mini-split has an outdoor condenser unit and one indoor air handler. It’s a more affordable option for the homeowner choosing a mini-split for a primary bedroom or garage apartment, for instance. Note that you cannot scale up a single-zone unit later, as the condenser unit doesn’t support it.

A multi-zone unit supports one or more indoor units. There are many systems on the market that come with two, three, and four heads out of the box. You can also add additional heads as needed to the system limit. You can do that during the initial installation or later.

Head Limit

The typical multi-zone mini-split supports up to eight heads in total. That does not include any secondary indoor units used for larger zones. If you have a big home and need more than eight units, an option is to install multiple outdoor condenser units in a series.

Interior Installation Configuration

Wall-mounted units are the most prevalent and affordable option. If you prefer ceiling mounting, many brands offer cassette and suspended form factors. There are also floor units for areas with low clearance. You can mix and match these installation configurations as needed or by preference.

Remote Control

Most mini-split brands include a remote for each indoor unit. You can choose a system with Wi-Fi capabilities to use one remote for all indoor units. If the brand you choose provides an app, you can use your phone in place of a remote.

Tax Credits and Rebates

Explore the energy incentives available to you before choosing a mini-split. The federal government offers rebates for heat pumps and tax credits for all mini-splits. There are ENERGY STAR rebates available. There may also be rebates and other programs available through your local electric company.

Mini-Split Installation in Kentucky and Indiana

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