A garbage disposal is an excellent tool that can make your life easier, but it also protects your Garland, TX plumbing system. Rather than allowing scraps to fall down your drain and into your pipes, a garbage disposal will grind them up further, so they don’t cause clogging. If you’re in need of a new garbage disposal or if it’s the first time you will be installing one, there are different models and features to take into consideration. You can consult with a professional plumber to find a garbage disposal. Also, scheduling a professional installation will ensure all of the work is done correctly.

Considering Space

Garbage disposals vary in size. They’re installed under your sink, so you’ll want to make sure that the unit you choose will fit, still allowing some storage space. Also, consider your current plumbing setup that’s located under your sink. If you’ve never had a garbage disposal installed, there may be some modifications that need to occur in order for the disposal to fit.

Continuous-Feed Garbage Disposals

A continuous-feed garbage disposal is one that must be running when you are feeding scraps into the drain area. Water will also need to be flowing from your faucet down the drain. This helps the process of breaking down and flushing material through the disposal. This is a very common design, and there will be a switch for the disposal installed on the wall near your sink.

Batch-Feed Garbage Disposals

A little bit different in design, a batch-feed garbage disposal requires you to put a collection of waste into the disposal, cover the drain, and the unit will turn on. You don’t have to utilize a switch to turn the unit on. Rather, it starts on its own once you have covered the drain.

Considering Power Requirements

Garbage disposals run off electricity, and you will need some sort of power source under your sink so that the unit can be plugged in. When you’re shopping for a garbage disposal, you’ll see that manufacturers advertise the amount of amperage that a unit uses. Make sure that your electrical setup accommodates this amperage. A professional plumber or electrician can determine if your current breaker panel can accommodate the installation of a garbage disposal.

Most disposals have a power output of 1/3 to 1 horsepower. The higher the horsepower, the better job your disposal will do at grinding up food. Of course, the price tends to increase the more horsepower you’re looking for. If you don’t plan on using your disposal very often or you’re installing one on a sink that isn’t in daily use, a lower horsepower motor is adequate. In a setting where a lot of cooking is taking place, plenty of horsepower is advised.

Also, consider the number of people that live in your home and the number of people who cook and clean. The more traffic that your kitchen sees, the more the garbage disposal will be in use. If your family does a lot of cooking and you gather with family and friends often to share meals, your garbage disposal needs to be able to perform. Choosing an undersized unit can lead to plumbing disasters.

The Anti-Jamming Feature of a Disposal

Garbage disposals come with several different features, but the anti-jamming feature is one that you’ll want to make sure is included in the model you choose. If something large or hard ends up in the disposal and it cannot go down the drain, an auto-reversal of direction can help remove that jam. Without this feature, you’ll be calling for professional service every now and again if you can’t unjam the unit yourself.

Working on a garbage disposal can be dangerous because of the sharpness of the blades and the power it expels. You want to avoid having to service your own disposal at all costs. If you do have to remove something from the disposal, make sure the water isn’t running into the drain. Unplug the disposal’s power cord before reaching inside.

Consider the Material the Unit Is Made From

The components of a garbage disposal that are inside your drain should be made from stainless steel. This material resists corrosion and will ensure your unit lasts for many years. Blades and interior components that are made from plastic are more prone to breaking.

Easy Installation

Many manufacturers have designed their garbage disposals with quick mounting features that make installation a breeze. By installing a small bracket underneath your sink, you can then snap or twist in the disposal without having to hold it in place and fasten it.

Number of Grinding Stages

A very basic garbage disposal will only come with one grinding stage. More advanced units come with multiple stages, which allows foods to be very well pulverized. If you have the budget to invest in multiple grinding stages, this will prevent drain clogs and plumbing issues. This can also protect the lifespan of your garbage disposal by reducing malfunctions.

Consider a Unit’s Noise Level

The process of using a garbage disposal isn’t very quiet, but there are units that are designed with quieter operation in mind. You may be able to find the decibel rating on a disposal you’re considering. This will give you a good idea of how loud your kitchen will be when your disposal is in use. Your average disposal is about 80dB, but there are units with a rating as low as 25dB. To compare, two people talking at a normal voice level are around 60dB.

Warranty Coverage

Even with professional installation and choosing a high-end model, garbage disposals may fail. This can occur because of a manufacturer’s defect or simply because of user error. Many manufacturers provide warranty coverage for their equipment. Most disposals come with a one-year warranty. Read through the coverage to see what this includes. It’s unlikely that you’ll be able to use coverage for the routine wear and tear of your garbage disposal. However, your unit prematurely breaking without a known cause can cover the replacement and potentially labor costs.

Consider What’s Included

When purchasing a new garbage disposal, make sure that everything that’s needed for installation is included in the purchase. Some disposals won’t come with a power cord or mounting bracket. You’ll want to have everything on hand once the installation process is about to begin. You may be tempted to reuse certain parts of your old unit to save a few dollars. It’s a better idea to replace everything all at once.

If you are looking for a new garbage disposal for your Garland home, reach out to the experts at On Time Experts. We can help you choose a model that will suit your needs, in addition to completing the installation process. We can also maintain and repair existing garbage disposals. We take care of the installation, repair, and maintenance of heating and cooling systems, perform air quality assessments, and install air purification devices. Reach out to On Time Experts today to schedule an appointment.

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