As we are coming off one of the hottest summers in Metroplex history (53 days over 100° in 2023), it is tough to even think about turning on our furnaces. If this hasn’t yet crossed your mind, know that the time peace of mind that your system will be able to keep your home warm when you need it the most this winter.

Many forecasters, including the “Farmers, Almanac”, predict that North Texas will experience “unseasonably” cold water. Can you rely on your furnace to do its job through this expected colder and longer winter? With a proper prevention plan this fall, you can be worry-free and comfortable all winter long!

Things You Can Do to Prepare for Winter

1. Change your filter now and change it regularly throughout the winter season. Dirt, dust and debris are the #1 killers of furnace and air conditioning systems. The filter’s main hob is to prevent dirt, dust and debris from entering the system. If not changed regularly the filter will clog up and limit the air flowing through the system. This dirt, dust and debris will accumulate on various components, causing them to overheat, work harder and fail prematurely. With the extended hot temperatures this summer, it’s likely that your air conditioner worked overtime and your filter is due for a change.

2. Put new batteries in your thermostat. Every winter, we get numerous calls from homeowners stating that their thermostat is “blank”. Although this could be related to a bigger issue within the system controls, many times it just needs a new battery.

3. Make sure all vents are open and all return vents are instructed. Heating and air conditioning systems need proper airflow to function properly. Without proper airflow, pressure builds inside the system causing it to work harder. During a heating season, this can cause your system to overheat and lead to system failure.

4. Get a “real” maintenance done on your entire system. Most homeowners don’t realize that their furnace and air conditioner work together year-round! The furnace contains the system’s control board and communicates with the outdoor unit as well as the thermostat. The furnace also contains the system’s blower “wheel:. This blower wheel is like a big, powerful fan and is responsible for punching and pulling all of the air throughout the entire home during both cooling and heating modes– delivering cool air in the summer and warm air in the winter. Any dirt, dust or debris that makes it past the filter will land on this blower wheel. Just 1/20th of an inch of dust build-up on this blower wheel can increase your home’s energy cost by up to 20%! A “real” maintenance should include removing and cleaning this blower wheel of build to ensure proper operation and efficiency.

Most heating and cooling service companies do not include this cleaning in their maintenance and charge anywhere from $400-$900 for this service. At On Time Experts, this service is included in EVERY tune-up and maintenance, regardless of how much you pay. We believe that the #1 reason that homeowners request maintenance is to PREVENT breakdowns. That is why we offer a NO BREAKDOWN GUARANTEE with our maintenance. if dirt, dust and debris are the #1 killers of heating and air conditioning systems, can you really call it “maintenance” if the system isn’t cleaned?

Book now before the frigid temperatures hit and your system experiences a breakdown.

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