Unless you understand all the mechanical and safety components of your HVAC system, I would say that a DIY furnace tune-up is a bad idea.

Those safeties are there for a reason. If you disconnect a safety switch that keeps the flames from rolling out or the furnace from getting too hot, you could cause some major problems. The blower motor could fail, and then those flames would never shut off. That can start a fire.

Every time your furnace kicks on, there’s a mini explosion inside. If you mess around and cause a gas leak, and then those flames kick on, you could have an explosion.

So, it’s really not a good idea to work on your furnace unless you are a professional. Call the On Time Experts and have us come out to do a full rejuvenation on your system. We know the tolerances and we study electronics.

Most people don’t check the safeties, but we go through all of them. We make sure your flue pipe is clear so that you’re getting rid of all those products of combustion. That way you don’t have carbon monoxide getting into your home.

Give us a call at 469-336-3435, or head to our website to fill out a web submission. We can send experts out to do a proper cleaning and safety check of your furnace before the colder temperatures hit us.

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