The water in Garland, Texas, can be very hard. Hard water can affect your clothing, spot your dishes, and stain your sink and bathtub. Many have opted to purchase a water softener for their home. Like all appliances, water softeners have their lifecycle. Once the lifecycle comes to an end, you need to choose whether you’re going to repair or replace the unit. This guide will discuss when it’s time to replace your water softener.

Keeping Your Water Softener Working Its Best

Water softeners do an essential job. They eliminate calcium, magnesium, and other minerals from your home. Water softeners can only last for a few years. Individual components can break down, electrical components fail, or your unit can stop working.

If your water softener is well maintained, it can last between 10 and 15 years. If your water softener is more than 10 years old and failing, replacing it might be better than trying to repair it.

How long your water softener will function will vary based on how frequently you use it and the hardness of your water. You will need to replace your equipment if you have extremely hard water. There is no cut-and-dried timeline for replacing a water softener. For this reason, you need to learn to identify signs that your water softener is failing.

Signs That Your Water Softener Is Nearing the End of Its Lifecycle

Multiple signs indicate your water softener isn’t functioning as it should. Noticing these symptoms may not mean that the unit needs to be replaced. It might indicate that you need to contact technicians at On Time Experts and have us come and service your unit.

You might need to replace a component, you may need to add salt to the brine tank, or the media may need to be replaced. Valves can get jammed, or your water softener might need to get cleaned. If you do not know what the problem is, talk to our residential water treatment experts. We will evaluate the situation and provide you with a solution.

Your Soap Won’t Lather

One of the signs that your water softener is not working and your water is hard is when your soap won’t lather. Look at your water softener if you have difficulty lathering up when you shower. You might notice that you are using soap and shampoo faster than before. If you’re struggling to lather up, it may be time to get your water softener replaced.

Issues Washing Your Clothes

When you wash your clothing in hard water, it can become stiff and scratchy. You can use fabric softener to counteract hard water to some extent. But the best solution is ensuring your water softener is functioning efficiently. A water softener removes the minerals that make your clothes stiff.

Did you know that hard water can ruin your washing machine and other appliances such as your dishwasher and water heater? If you notice that your clothes are stiffer, ensure that your water softener is functioning correctly.

Buildup Around Pipes and Faucets

When your water softener stops working, hard water minerals start collecting around your faucets and pipes. Look at your faucets when you’re cleaning your bathroom and kitchen. If you see a chalky buildup around them, this could indicate that your water softener needs maintenance.

Your Water Taste Weird

Soft water and hard water have different tastes. Most people prefer the smoother taste of soft water. If your water softener stops working correctly, you will taste the increased mineral content of your water. Any changes in water taste or feel could indicate that it is time to have your water softener serviced or replaced.

Reasons to Get a New Water Softener

The first reason is that replacing a faulty water softener makes your life easier. If your water softener is not working, you’ve been dealing with the hard water problems mentioned above.

A new water softener simplifies the cleaning process. Your clothes feel softer, and your hair and skin feel better. Using a water softener can help your appliances last longer as well.

Purchasing a new water softener allows you to access the latest features and water treatment technologies. Just like any appliance in your home, updating a 10 or 15-year-old water softener means that your unit will work more efficiently and reduce energy usage.

Modern water softeners are designed to help conserve salt and water. They are equipped with sensors alerting you to when you need to add more water or salt to your water softener. Chlorine generators can help automate the cleaning process of your water softener. Some water softeners even connect to Wi-Fi, providing multiple alerts when there are issues with your unit.

Other Reasons to Update Your Water Softener

It could be circumstances and not symptoms that indicate it’s time to update your water softening system. Your water softener should meet the needs of your home. The size of your unit is determined by the amount of water you consume and how hard water is in your area. If your family gets larger, you may need to update your unit to ensure you get the water softening treatment you need.

More efficient water softeners are necessary for areas with hard water like Garland, Texas. Water hardness is determined by the minerals present in the soil around the water supply. These minerals will dissolve and filtrate into the water supply. In Texas, there is a high level of calcium carbonate in the water. Additionally, water softening options have been designed with environmental protection in mind. If using eco-friendly products in your home is essential, an updated water softener can help you meet those needs.

Extend the Life of Your Water Softener

There are several smaller things that you can do to get more from your water softener and add a few years to its lifecycle. For example, you could add a whole-home pre-filter. A pre-filter gets rid of suspended sediment that’s in drinking water. This includes rust, dirt, and sand. These particles will negatively impact your water softener’s softening media influencing how long the water softener could last.

If you use a prefilter, your water softener should last longer because it’s not exposed to larger particles. Pre-filters for water softeners are inexpensive based on the brand you buy.

Working With the Top-Rated HVAC and Plumbing Services in Garland

Water softeners are a fantastic way to tackle water issues in your home. Soft water tastes better and gives you cleaner dishes and softer laundry. However, if you’ve been using a water softener for 15 years or more, it’s time to get it checked for maintenance or replace it with a new unit.

Our team of HVAC professionals at On Time Experts can help you evaluate the condition of your water softener and determine if now is the time for you to update your unit.

At On Time Experts, our team can help you with yourcooling, heating, plumbing, and your water quality needs. Our HVAC services are second to none. We offer friendly service with a smile, and our solutions are honest and transparent. We back everything we do with our years of experience.

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