Wi-Fi thermostats allow homeowners to preprogram their thermostats before leaving the house and reset from a distance using a corresponding app on their smartphones.

Could your home comfort benefit from upgrading to a smart thermostat?

Learned Behavior from A … Thermostat?

Thermostats allow you to manually set and adjust temperature settings on your HVAC system. But smart thermostats learn from and adjust HVAC settings based on your behavior.

Wi-Fi thermostats take functionality a step further by allowing homeowners the ability to monitor home air anywhere.

Other advantages of Wi-Fi thermostats include:

  • Humidity Monitoring: Increase cooling capacity automatically during high humidity.
  • Zoned Cooling & Heating: Vary settings for different parts of your home.
  • HVAC Maintenance Reminders: Monitor indoor air quality and receive reminders to routinely change an air filter.
  • Energy Usage Advice: Track heating and cooling trends, conserve energy, and save on utility costs.

Smarter Home Comfort, Smarter Energy Efficiency

There are a few contributing factors homeowners should consider before making the switch:

  • Too many hands on the controls:
    Too many thermostat tweaks – by kids or other members of household – are reason enough for switching to a smart thermostat. Wi-Fi thermostats allow you to monitor and adjust on the go, regardless of who’s in control at home.
  • You plan on staying in your home for … a while:
    Wi-Fi thermostats are an investment of time and money, and if you plan on selling your home, or moving, or if you’re renting, well, the cost savings you’ll see over a shorter period time are negligible.
  • You’re really concerned with efficiency and cutting costs:
    The ability to automatically regulate heating and cooling capacity sounds cool, but the only way to yield real cost-saving benefits of an upgrade to a Wi-Fi thermostat is to monitor your energy usage and plot long-term tweaks to your HVAC system accordingly.

Wi-Fi thermostats may or may not be the wave of the future, but there are many benefits to gain from upgrading your home thermostat.

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