Especially here in Dallas, a lot of people don’t use their furnaces, right? The main reason you have a furnace is that you use it during the AC season. Occasionally, you do have that cold night. You’ll go to turn on your furnace, but nothing happens.

It may sound silly, but have you forgotten to pay your gas bill? No gas, no fire. Also, make sure there’s no work being done in your neighborhood. Beyond that, you’re probably going to need to call a professional. It’s usually an electronic issue with the board itself. On most occasions, it’s not something the homeowner can fix himself or herself.

We suggest homeowners get furnace rejuvenations before the season starts. We will do a full check-up on your system and make sure it runs safely and efficiently for you. That way you can avoid uncomfortable situations down the road.

If you go to turn on your furnace and it doesn’t ignite, give the On Time Experts a call at 469-336-3435


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