Here at the On Time Experts, we strive to only use the highest quality materials and products, and that includes the faucets we install. We don’t want to use something less expensive that’s going to fall apart in a few years, and that’s sometimes what you’ll find at the big box stores.

The quality of the big box store faucets really varies. However, what we find is that many are lighter metal, and some have plastic components, compared to what we get from our plumbing supply house.

We use pro-style faucets. They make look the same as the ones from the hardware store, but ours are going to be heavy duty and last you a long time.

We have several options for you to choose from and I’m happy to show you our faucets and faucets from a big box store. You can compare the two and decide which you’d like to use in your home.

Not every company chooses to use the highest quality products. To work with a team that does, call the On Time Experts at 469-336-3435.

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