Our HVAC rejuvenations are not just a quick in and out. We’re going to spend 60-90 minutes making sure your system is safe and working properly for you for the entire cold season.

Number one is safety. We all know that carbon monoxide is the silent killer, so we want to make sure there are no leaks. We want your system to be safe before you even turn it on.

Whether you have a gas or electric system, we make sure your connections are safe and that all your safeties are working properly. In the unlikely event that flames roll out, we want to be sure that the safeties are there to shut the system off.

We’re also going to check your blower motor, indoor coil, capacitors, gas valve, and incoming gas pressure. There are probably 20 items that we check for your safety alone. We leave nothing undone.

A rejuvenation is also going to make your system last longer and run more efficiently. We know we can add at least 8 years to your system with annual rejuvenations. It’s also going to lower your gas and utility bills.

It’s about making your system as safe and efficient as possible, which will save you money in the long run. In fact, if you get a rejuvenation from us and experience any failures during that season, we will come out and repair it at no charge and give you the cost of the rejuvenation back.

Give the On Time Experts a call at 469-336-3435 or fill out a web submission at theontimeexperts.com. One of our care experts will get a hold of you and get you on the schedule ASAP.

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