If you’ve recently moved into an older home or haven’t had your air ducts cleaned in five or more years, give the On Time Experts a call at 469-336-3435. It’s a great time to make sure those ducts are clean and clear.

We’ve all seen those coupons for cheap duct cleanings (oh, and they’ll throw in a carpet cleaning!), but what are you really getting? When we come out to your home for an air duct cleaning, we’re not just using a little shop vac and reaching in four to five feet.

An air duct cleaning from the On Time Experts typically takes three-quarters of a day and a two-man crew. We’re going to take your grills down, plug the holes of each grill, and hook up a huge vacuum system to get maximum suction. Every single duct will get a complete airbrush.

We’ll clean the ducts from where they begin, to where they end in your home. And we’ll make sure all the plenums, where the duct connects at the unit, are clean as well. It’s a big process.

If you’re not using a really great air filter, all of the dust in your air is sucked into your system. It will blow all of that around in your home. We’re able to get up to 95% of the dirt from your ducts.

To find out more about our air duct cleaning, visit our website, or give us a call at 469-336-3435.

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