Filters exist to protect your system. With the overwhelming number of options at the hardware store, how do you decide which filter is best?

When you go to pick one out, try the salt test. If you can pour salt on the filter and it falls right through, it’s not a good one. Think about the tiny particles that float in the air. Those are going to get through that filter and damage your system.

When the air conditioner is running, it creates condensation on the indoor coil. Well, all those little dust particles hit that coil and turn into mud and gunk. You need a filter that is efficient enough to catch those tiny particles.

Filters have what’s called MERV ratings. The higher the number, the more efficient they are. We have an indoor air cleaner that we consider the best filtration system on the market. It’s a one-inch electronic air cleaner that is 97% efficient down to .3 microns.

All of our trucks are equipped with that air cleaner, should you choose to go that route. Call us with any questions or to schedule preventative maintenance at 469-336-3435.

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