You pay a lot for your HVAC system to keep your household comfortable year-round. So, when your air conditioner is blowing warm air or your unit fails in the summertime heat, there’s reason to be upset.

Before you panic and call your trusted HVAC technician, check these areas for proper operation:

  • Thermostat: Is your thermostat set correctly? Even at correct settings, the thermostat may fail at assessing the temperature and therefore communicate ineffectively with the control board.
  • Condenser & Compressor: Check the outdoor unit. Are the condenser and compressor switched off? If these parts are not operating with the rest of the unit, the system functions with insufficiently cooled air.
  • Air Filter: A clogged air filter significantly compromises the cooling capacity of your AC unit. Replacing the air filter is a relatively easy and inexpensive home repair. Failing to routinely replace your air filter leaves you with residual dust in the condensing coils.
  • Low Refrigerant: Air conditioner efficiency relies on having set levels of refrigerant flowing to the coils and compressors. When refrigerant levels drop, warm air – and other problems – result. Low refrigerant levels are caused by leaks, which need to be assessed by an HVAC technician.
  • Dirty Coils: The cycle of refrigerant throughout your air conditioner is dependent on coils absorbing and dissipating thermal energy. But if these coils become dirty or damaged, they no longer perform effectively, resulting in warm air blown through the air ducts. Coils should be checked periodically throughout the summer to maximize cool airflow.

DIY Tips For Cleaning Your AC Unit

Perform the following tasks periodically to ensure summer-long air conditioner efficiency:

Clean the condenser:

  • Step 1: Cut the power.
  • Step 2: Vacuum away debris.
  • Step 3: Straighten fins.
  • Step 4: Remove the fan.
  • Step 5: Clean the fins.

Clean the indoor unit:

  • Step 1: Check the furnace filter.
  • Step 2: Vacuum and lubricate.
  • Step 3: Clean the drain tube.
  • Step 4: Clean the port tube.

When do-it-yourself air conditioner maintenance falls short of fixing your airflow, it’s time to call in the professionals.
Keep your air conditioner operating efficiently with a tune-up. Your very own Comfort Consultant is standing by to help keep your family comfortable throughout the summer’s hottest months.

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