Upfront pricing means you’ll know exactly what your HVAC repairs will cost, and you won’t pay a penny more.

In the early days, back when I first started, we charged a trip charge to come out to your home. And then on top of that, we charged $12 every fifteen minutes that we were there.

This kind of put the homeowner on edge, constantly watching the clock and wondering how long the technician was going to be working.

Many of us in the industry have evolved to a flat repair fee. We decided to set our prices so that it doesn’t matter if we send our most or least experienced technician, you’re paying the same flat rate.

We went through an itemized list, repair by repair, and set a price for each one. So now, you pay a flat fee for us to diagnose the issue (no matter if that takes five minutes or two hours), and you pay a flat fee for the repair that’s needed.

If you’re having air conditioning issues this summer, call the On Time Experts. You’ll always get honest, upfront pricing for all your repairs.

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Randy Kelley


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