Surge protection protects your electronics from any type of surge from your electrical provider. In today’s HVAC systems, there are boards and electronics that need to be protected.

In Dallas, we have what is called “brown outs.” In the middle of the summer, everybody gets home at the same time and turns their air conditioner on. That takes a lot of energy off the grid and sometimes trips the breaker. It causes challenges within the system.

If you don’t have surge protection during a brownout or lightning storm, the surge could take the board out, whether it’s in the outdoor unit or the furnace. At that point, you’re looking at replacing the entire board. It could cause your entire system to fail.

It’s important to remember that breakdowns due to surges aren’t going to be covered by your warranty because it’s an act of God or nature. So you want to be sure to have us out to install surge protection on your system.

The installation only takes about fifteen minutes. It’s simple, easy, and really cost-effective. Give us a call at 469-336-3435.

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