Your ductwork transfers air to each room in your home. It’s pretty much a tube that hooks up to a distribution box in your attic or under your house.

Your ductwork is really important for the comfort of your home. Each one of the tubes in your ductwork has to be the proper size. They can be too big or too small. The same thing goes for the grills in your bedrooms; they have to be a certain type to throw the air the correct way.

It’s important to hire someone that understands how important sizing ductwork is, for the proper amount of air movement in your home.

You can also deal with air leakage, if your ductwork isn’t nice and sealed. That is going to cause air to escape into the attic or under the house, which will cause your utility bills to spike.

Fixing ductwork isn’t too complicated, but it is labor-intensive. You’ll want to hire professionals, like the On Time Experts, to come out to your home to check your ductwork. We can make sure everything is sized correctly, and sealed, so that you’re not wasting any energy, and your home is as comfortable as possible. Call us at 469-336-3435.


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