At the On Time Experts, we believe in telling you the price of your service or repair upfront. That’s the price you pay, no matter what.

We’ve all experienced the bait and switch scenario. You get a quote for a service or good that looks appealing because it’s so inexpensive. You think you’re getting great value. But then when it’s time to have that good or service delivered, the price suddenly increases. At the On Time Experts, that’s not something that we believe in. We believe in giving you upfront, honest pricing that’s transparent. When we quote you a price for a job, no matter the scale, that’s it.

If we get to the job site and realize it’s going to take more materials, more time, or maybe more guys – we’re going to eat that cost 100%. You’re only going to pay that upfront price that we quoted you for the job.

Recently, I was out checking a furnace and it looked like there were some minor issues. I quoted them a price and got to work. Once we got behind the motor, we found major water damage. So, we removed the motor, went ahead and took the furnace out, and took care of everything for the price we originally quoted.

Here at the On Time Experts, we believe in transparent pricing. Simply put, when we quote you a price, that’s all you’re going to pay for the project. Give us a call at 469-336-3435.


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