We believe in more value than you pay for the Front of the Line Family.
One of my favorite “We Believe” statements is that we provide more value than what our Front of the Line Family pays. The keyword in that is “family.” We want to treat you the way we’d treat our own.

When you join the Front of the Line Family with the On Time Experts, you get three visits from us a year. We’ll check your furnace during the winter, and make sure that everything is running properly. We’ll come before the AC season starts, to ensure that the AC is working well. And then you get a full plumbing inspection. Leaky faucets, leaky toilets, anything that’s plumbing-related, we’ll take care of it.

Additionally, you get a 15% discount on every repair that you get from us, as well as a fix-it for life guarantee. If that part ever fails again, we’ll replace it at no charge for you. Not many companies that do that.

Another awesome thing about the Front of the Line Family is called the Franklin Fund. Basically, every year that you’re with us, you get $100 back in a savings account toward replacing equipment down the road. So if you’re a member with us for 10 years, you will have a thousand dollars toward a new system, when the time comes to replace it. Who else does that for you?

We’ve actually done a lot of exercises to try to find out if we can put a value on the Front of the Line Family membership. Every time that we do that, the numbers are in the thousands. Obviously, we can’t charge our homeowners that. So we’re only charging $240 a year, which is just an awesome value

All things considered, your HVAC is probably the most expensive appliance that you have in your house. Our membership offers is a worry-free ownership with an extremely high value. That way on the 4th of July, you can enjoy the party at the pool with your friends, instead of worrying if your AC is going to work or not.

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