At the On Time Experts, we really enjoy a reason to celebrate. I kind of consider us family. And what does a family typically do when somebody has a birthday? They celebrate.

Every month we have a company meeting and we celebrate all the birthdays that month. Everyone gets gift cards and things like that. And we also get them up to play some games.

We’ve had people dig face-first into a plate of whipped cream to find bubble gum. The first person to blow a bubble wins. One month we had people try to stack washers and nuts on a straw with no hands. (Sometimes the games are more enjoyable for the people watching.) But we always walk away with a great feeling.

We’ve got a great environment here and part of that is taking time to celebrate each other’s birthdays. It’s just what we do. Interested in becoming a part of the family? Check out our job openings here.


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