Are you looking for a contractor? Here are three things every good contractor will provide.

  1. Insurance
    It’s a big expense to have insurance, so a lot of companies cut corners. What happens if your house catches on fire because of something the contractors do? Who will be responsible for that? If the contractor doesn’t have insurance, the answer is you. Do your due diligence to make sure you’re covered in case of any damage to your home, or injury to the employee.
  2. Background Checks
    These technicians and installers are going to be in your home. If you’re having a new system installed, they might be there all day. You want to make sure the company has reliable background checks and drug test policies for your protection.
  3. Guarantees
    If a company is not willing to guarantee their work, what’s their incentive to provide great service? The On Time Experts gives a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all installs and repairs. We also provide a “No Lemon” guarantee. If your compressor fails within a year, we’ll give you a brand-new unit. If your heat exchanger fails within the first ten years, we’ll give you a new furnace. And, of course, if we’re a minute late for a repair, your service fee is free.
    Before you hire a contractor, do your research. Find out what you’re paying for and make sure you and your HVAC system are in good hands.
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