Attitude carries everything. We look for that positive attitude in all of our team members, and I think that’s what makes it fun to be an On Time Experts.

Our team wakes up with a good attitude and it’s contagious to their coworkers, friends, and family. It pours right into their ability to provide excellent service to our clients.

We work hard to maintain that environment so that people love coming to work. It’s about providing the best service we can for our clients, and I think that starts with the attitude of the team.

We keep moral up through communication- and we love high-fives. It’s not so much “how’s your day going?” but “how’s your life going?” We make sure we have a true friendship with our team members.

A good attitude also makes the client feel better about having us in their house. Most likely, this is not a convenient moment for them. They might be thinking about finances or the expense of the repair. We do everything we can to ease that burden and figure out what they need. A good attitude helps us navigate that.

If you’re interested in becoming a part of our team, you can find our job openings here. And if you’d like to work with our team, call us at 469-336-3435.
-Jack B.

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