If your system is from 2010 or older, you probably have Freon R22. By 2020, you will no longer be able to manufacture R22 or bring it into the United States.

The EPA has put in a phaseout of R22, due to its harmful effects on the ozone layer. Freon R22 replaced the old R12 that used to be in our cars and refrigerators back in the day. This phaseout is the second part of that.

R22 is leaking into the air and depleting the ozone. We want to make sure that we remove it, so we’re not using anything harmful to the atmosphere.

R22 will be replaced by more environmentally friendly R410a. So if you’re leaking refrigerant, and your system is 2010 or older, you want to have it looked at, and be prepared to replace your refrigerant.

Give us a call. We’ll come out and give your AC a rejuvenation. We can tell you at that time whether your system is R410a or if it’s R22 and give you your options.

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