If you’re worried about your basement or other lower levels of your home flooding, speak to us about our sump pumps in McKinney, TX. Sump pumps are designed to pump away water the moment it reaches a certain level. These systems are the most effective way to avoid your basement flooding and will kick in during heavy storms or if drains overflow from the street. At On Time Experts, we offer sump pump installation and sump pump repair you can trust. We can give you advice on the best placement for your sump pump so that it sits guard ready to do its job when the water level gets too high. These systems detect rising water levels and start to pump excess water away from your property along a discharge line.

Whether you’ve experienced flooding in the past or you’re just taking precautionary measures, our team is ready to help. The best place for your sump pump is usually the lowest-lying area of your basement but we will determine the best place for you. Call our team today to find out more about our sump pump services.

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