Fortunately, routine HVAC maintenance is easy enough for the do-it-yourselfer. For everything else, a professional HVAC service expert is just a phone call away. Learn about the benefits of getting your HVAC system serviced by an experienced professional.

Lower Utility Bills

Cleaning your HVAC system is one of the most important ways to lower your utility bills. How much money you spend depends on how well your heating and cooling systems are working. If your air conditioner is unable to cool the air in your home, you spend much more each month just to maintain a comfortable temperature.

A number of things prevent your home cooling system from operating properly. Dirty filters and clogged ducts make your AC unit work harder than it should, thereby driving up its cost of use. Both of these fixes are easy for you, as the homeowner, to handle on your own. But more often, internal issues are causing a spike in your utility bills. Hire an HVAC service professional with a trained eye to check on your system seasonally and make sure it’s running well enough to keep your costs down.

Greater Efficiency

It’s difficult for your HVAC system to run efficiently when its components are out of whack. For example, if the contactor within your air conditioner is obstructed by debris, your AC unit doesn’t know when to shut off.

Even a small amount of dirt decreases your HVAC efficiency. A fraction of an inch of dirt or soot in your unit causes efficiency to drop by 20%. It’s simple enough for the do-it-yourselfer to clean debris from an HVAC system. But by letting an experienced HVAC service technician take a look at your system, you’re able to spot potential problems and fix them before they arise.

Extended Life Of HVAC Systems

Well-maintained heating and cooling systems last quite a while. The average lifetime ranges from ten to fifteen years. The key is keeping them well maintained.

If you let your HVAC system run year after year without cleaning it, you dramatically decrease its life. Clogged filters, dirt and debris all contribute to a steady burnout of the unit’s motors. Avoid the hassles of HVAC repair and replacement by investing in seasonal tune-ups. It’s not always necessary to call a service technician for routine HVAC maintenance. If you’re handy and careful enough, do a quick checkup, remove dirt and debris, clean fan blades and check the electrical connections. But as soon as you’re out of your league, it’s time to call in the professionals. If you don’t, you run the risk of damaging your system and needing costly repairs.

Priority Treatment When Tragedy Strikes

Seeking the assistance of an HVAC service professional has convenient extra benefits. To help you save money, many heating and cooling companies offer maintenance plans, including “Frequent Customer” and “VIP Club” membership discounts. In the case of an emergency, you’re likely to be given priority scheduling so you don’t wait too long to get your HVAC system fixed or replaced.

Don’t sacrifice the comfort of your family because your HVAC system isn’t working properly. Make the effort to keep them running well year-round. With the help of an HVAC service expert, there’s no need to worry about your home heating and cooling systems again.

To learn more about keeping your family comfortable year-round, call the On Time Experts.

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