As Dallas temperatures reach their heights, it’s likely that you’ve started a daily regimen of Zyrtec or Claritin and are armed with tissues at all times. The dust mite – who lives in your home and feeds on flakes of human skin – is likely the cause of your allergies. How do you stop the suffering? The answer might be an air duct restoration.

Your first solution is to regularly vacuum your carpets and wash your bedding at high temperatures every week. But if the dust is still piling up, it’s time to check your air ducts.

Air ducts are a piece of your HVAC system that act as pathways for heated or cooled air to travel throughout your home. There are two common problems with your air ducts that affect your allergies:

  1. Your air ducts are leaking. If they’re leaking dust from the attic, basement, or little crawl spaces throughout your home, dust mites are being dispersed throughout your entire house. You need to replace or seal your ducts to stop them from spreading.
  2. Your air ducts are dirty. If they’re dirty, dust and debris is filling into your home, as are dust mites. Call an expert to clean your air ducts, eliminate this excess dust and debris – and of course, your dust mites.

Beyond the two most common reasons for an air duct restoration, the following are additional reasons to have your ducts cleaned:

  • A family member is having breathing problems, suffering from headaches, sinus problems or nasal congestion at night or in the mornings
  • A family member smokes
  • You own dogs, cats or other furry pets
  • You notice a stale or musty smell when your furnace is running
  • There is not enough air flow through your vents
  • There is substantial mold growth
  • There are rodents living inside the ducts

If any of these apply to you, it’s likely time to schedule an air duct restoration to read your home of the dust mites and other allergens giving you and your family problems.

Air Duct Restoration Process and Tips

Before cleaning your air ducts, your carpet and household furnishings should be protected and covered. The first step of the process itself is opening the access ports or doors. The HVAC system is then inspected, which ensures that there is no asbestos within your ducts. To clean them, vacuum equipment is used to exhaust the dust particles outs of your home. Finally, to protect the ductwork, your HVAC technician seals and re-insulates any access holes so your ducts are airtight.

The following are important measures to take before getting air duct services:

  • Avoid chemical biocides or chemical treatments
  • Check professional references
  • Request an estimate
  • Ensure professional qualifications
  • Contact the National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA) with any questions

Safeguard against the allergens in your home and identify the problem and take proper action. That action is likely scheduling an air duct restoration. Have a cleaner, healthier home – and most importantly, be comfortable without dependence on allergy medication.
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