If your neighbors are walking around your house with rain boots on, you probably want to give us a call. Water dripping and a big ol’ rust stain on the side of the house are signs that you have a drain line issue.

Typically, we see this whenever the system is in the attic. It probably means that your primary drain line is clogged and is overflowing into your secondary drain pan. That secondary drain line is what’s going outside. It’s there to let you know, “Hey, we have a problem!”

Whenever you see that, give us a call so we can clean out that primary drain line. We’ll come out and do maintenance on the system, below the drain line out, and educate you on your options. It’s smart to install a pan treatment and a ceiling saver to ensure that if that drain line clogs up, it won’t lead to other, much larger issues.

So if your neighbors are complaining about a big water stain on the side of your home, thank them for letting you know you have an issue, and give us a call at 469-336-3435. We’ll get you back up and running, and make sure your home looks great again.

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