If your air conditioning system is in the attic, you need a ceiling saver. It’s a safety switch that can save you major headaches and money.

Imagine that you’re out to dinner on a Saturday night and walk into your home, only to see sheetrock and insulation all over your living room. What’s going on? Well, you find out that the drain pan overflowed because it was clogged up, and everything fell through the ceiling.

Your insulation is like a sponge. When water is overflowing into the insulation, it catches it and holds on until it’s too heavy. A ceiling saver prevents this from happening.

For a few dollars, we can install a safety switch into your emergency drain pan that shuts the system off if it’s ever full of water. They aren’t expensive at all, especially when you’re comparing them to the cost of repairing your ceiling and water damage in your home.

If we are at your home for maintenance and notice that you don’t have a ceiling saver, we will always offer it. We’re in thousands of homes a year, and we’ve seen it all. It may not happen, but it’s always a possibility. And for just a few bucks, you make sure that it never happens. Call the On Time Experts at 469-336-3435.

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