In a previous post, I touched on the effects that humidity can have on your home. Basically, it’s muggy and uncomfortable. So how much will it cost to fix it?

It really depends on the size of your home and the size of your system. If you’re looking at a system replacement, it can be anywhere from five thousand to twenty-five thousand dollars.

It’s kind of like shopping for a car. You can get the base model, or the one with all the bells and whistles. Both of them will get you where you need to go, but one will be a more comfortable ride.

Air conditioners are the same way. It really depends on what you’re looking for and what’s best suited for you, your home, and your budget. If you have a high level of humidity in your home, call us out to take a look at it.

We can check things out to make sure your system is running properly. If the refrigerant charge is not exact, it’s not going to remove the amount of humidity that it should, and you’ll feel sticky.

We’ll make sure your filters are changed and that your blowers and coils are clean. All of that makes a difference in your system’s efficiency. Call us at 469-336-3435 and let us make your home more comfortable this summer.

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