I know we all get those envelopes in the mail advertising an air duct cleaning for $99 or $4.99 a vent. Unfortunately, if you want it done right, it’s going to be a little bit more than that.

To get a true duct cleaning, we’re going to need two guys at your home for about a half of a day. I don’t know what people think that should cost, but in reality, it’s going to be anywhere from $800-2,500, depending on the size of your system.

When you get an air duct cleaning from us, we’re going to do more than reach in five or six feet. We start from the beginning of the duct and work until it comes out into your home.

We’ll take down every vent, plug them up, and put a big vacuum on the system. We pull the proper amount out of each duct and break up everything that’s in it. As we pull it back, the vacuum is going to suck out all that dust and dirt.

It’s a long process. The larger the systems, the longer it’s going to take. Cheap Charlie isn’t going to cut it.

You can get an estimate by calling us at 469-336-3435. We’ll send a specialist to your home to take a look at your ductwork and count your vents. He may pull off the panel to see if the coil and blowers are dirty. That’s included in our bids.

We want to make sure we don’t leave any stone unturned so that when we are done, you know your system is clean, head to toe.

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