At the On Time Experts, we like to eat. I mean, who doesn’t? Our monthly barbecue is a way for us to connect with our team and just have a little fun.

We hold our monthly barbecue no matter what. We grill up hot dogs, burgers and steaks. And I’m going to tell you – if you’ve never had a Randy Kelley steak, you’ve never had a steak in your life. And he makes them with some love.

It’s just a fun time to shut down, talk with each other, and refresh the team. We want to keep everyone engaged and excited about coming to work. One time we even had an ice cream truck! You could walk up and order whatever ice cream you wanted.

We like to have fun here and build our relationships. We consider each other family and are always looking for new family members to add to our team. You can find our job openings here, or you can just give me a call at 469-336-3435

-Gina M.

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