Get A Tune-Up

Routine maintenance is important for maximizing the efficiency of your HVAC system, but it’s tough to know what tasks should be performed and when. Most often, HVAC maintenance is done seasonally, in preparation for the changing weather. Seasonal HVAC maintenance includes:

  • Removal of debris and dirt from ductwork and vents
  • Evicting unwanted tenants like insects and small rodent
  • Checking for mold and mildew growth in drainage areas

While the quick check-up is easy enough for you to do, the treatment is a bit more complex. If you find a clog, pests, or a mildew problem in your ductwork, it’s time to reach out to an HVAC technician.

Use Fans

When air is stagnant, it feels much warmer than it really is. To mitigate this risk, use fans to circulate the air in your home. Instead of making your air conditioning unit work to cool and circulate the air, supplement your HVAC system with small portable air circulators or ceiling fans. You’ll be able to keep the thermostat at a higher temperature but still feel just as comfortable in your home.

Close the Blinds and Curtains

Sunlight is nice for brightening your day, but it also warms your home. When the weather is hot, your air conditioning system is working hard to keep the air in your home cool. When your kids are at school and you’re at work, you’re wasting a ton of energy cooling an empty home, and by letting sunlight flood in, you’re wasting even more. Before you leave for the day, close your blinds and curtains to prevent your home cooling system from being overworked.

Use A Programmable Thermostat

A programmable thermostat is one of the best tools for improving the energy efficiency of your HVAC system. As mentioned prior, your home is empty for a bulk of the daylight hours – why make your home cooling system work to cool an empty home? If you program your thermostat to tolerate a higher temperature when nobody is home, you save energy for when you really need it.

Many programmable thermostats are very flexible and offer you the ability to customize your schedule. You may want your home to stay at 80 degrees during the workday, and one hour before anyone comes home, you want it to start cooling down to a comfortable temperature. You may want your house to warm up overnight, but start cooling down before you wake up. Your thermostat is capable of serving these functions and more, so you’re not wasting money and energy running the system unnecessarily.

Check Your Filter Frequently

Ideally, you should be changing your air conditioner filter every month. In the meantime, though, make sure you’re checking to see how clean it is. When pollen, dirt, debris from storms and insects build up in the filter, your home cooling system has to work much harder to cool your home. By simply checking and changing the filter regularly, you greatly improve the efficiency of your home cooling system.

Keep Your Outside Doors Closed

Constantly opening and closing your doors lets your cool air out and the hot summer air in. By simply keeping the doors shut and minimizing the amount of time you have to go in and out, you reduce the amount of energy it takes for your HVAC system to cool your home.

Help keep your home cooling system running efficiently for years to come. By applying just a few easy HVAC maintenance tips, you ensure that your system is warm in the winter, cool in the summer and comfortable year-round.

Some maintenance is best left to professionals. If you need a comprehensive HVAC service, look no further than the On Time Experts! Contact your own Comfort Consultant:

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