Yes, this is work, but we have to make it fun. We do everything we can to make sure working for and with the On Time Experts stays fun.

Every month we get the entire company together, from our field personnel to our office team. We get together to celebrate birthdays, marriages and babies. And we play games. Lots and lots of games.

I do everything I can to embarrass somebody! Because getting out of your comfort zone is how you get comfortable. Did I mention we play games?

We also get together to celebrate any team member who has gone above and beyond. If one of our technicians goes out and washes dishes for Grandma, we acknowledge that. That’s the type of culture we want to promote.

We also incentivize our team with tickets to sporting events, or we might give away a maid for a day. (How great is that?) Sometimes we take selfies with clients and post them on social media. When you work here, you’re working with friends and family. And when you’re a customer, we want you to feel the same way.


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Randy Kelley


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